California residents have to wear masks in public places

California authorities began to require that people throughout the state in most areas and on the street, when to adhere to social distancing is not possible, wear a mask, because the coronavirus continues to spread. This writes the New York Post.

Жителей Калифорнии обязали носить маски в публичных местах

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“Studies show that Facials work”, — said the Governor of California Gavin Newsom. — They are crucial to ensure the safety of those around you and also preserve businesses and restart our economy.”

In the States, including Michigan, new York, Maine, Delaware and Maryland already have similar directives.

The decree was adopted, as California weakened quarantine restrictions. In most districts, people now can shop, dine in restaurants, visit beauty salons and go to Church. As constraints are weakened, the number of cases of coronavirus are increasing, which according to the authorities, it was expected, as more people are tested. Wednesday, June 17, was hospitalized more than 3,400 infected — a new record.

According to the decree, people have to wear masks while inside the building or in the queue, in any public areas, medical institutions such as hospitals and pharmacies, while waiting for or travelling on public transport, as well as outdoors, where it is impossible to be at a distance of six feet (1.8 m) from other people.

Before the Governor-Democrat were allowed to local authorities to decide whether to introduce compulsory wearing of masks, and this issue has become politically dangerous, as some Americans refuse to do. Newsome said that he issued a decree, because too many people go out without masks, and it is dangerous, as newly opened businesses, restaurants and other sectors of the economy.

The representative of the Department of public health in orange County southern California resigned when faced with threats because of his decree that people wore masks, and the Sheriff stated that it will not apply the decree. County of Los Angeles requires that people wore masks outside their homes, and County of San Francisco and Santa Clara.

Member of Parliament from Republican James Gallagher has said that he prefers that residents themselves made the decision, and criticized Newsom for the fact that he constantly changes his mind, who should set the rules related to the virus.

“The Governor did not seem able to decide whether the district themselves to solve everything during the pandemic. Perhaps if his leadership was clearer, Californians would be better prepared,” said Gallagher.

Dr. Clayton Chau said that orange County is still reviewing the state decree, which will replace his own.

Kate Folmar, press Secretary for the California Department of public health and social welfare, stated that violation of this order may result in charges of misconduct, a fine or other penalties.

But mark Ghali, the Secretary of the Department, said the Department doesn’t want to focus on law enforcement, and expects that the majority of Californians will obey the decree.

“We believe that a sufficient number of Californians will see this recommendation and will implement it that will allow us to significantly influence the spread of the virus, if we do this collectively,” he said.

The orange County Sheriff don Barnes believes that is a matter of individual responsibility, not law enforcement.

“County residents will continue to use common sense in the interests of their own health and the collective health of other residents of the County,” he said.

Katrina Foley, the mayor of Costa Mesa in orange County, said that the decision of the state takes the pressure off of the business, as it will become clear that we need a mask. In her town there is already a requirement to wear face masks.

“Nobody wants to arrest people for what they don’t wear masks. We just want everybody cared, and that people are not dead,” she said.

The decree also applies to jobs where people interact with the public, prepared or packaged food and share common areas such as corridors and elevators. Office workers should wear masks if they can’t physically distance yourself.

In the decree there are some exceptions, including for outdoor recreation and activities such as walking, Hiking, running or Cycling. But if people can’t be within six feet of each other, they should wear masks.

Other exceptions include: children 2 years and younger; people with diseases that prevent them to wear masks; deaf or with some loss of hearing and those who communicate with them; people receiving treatment. There is also an exception if wearing a face covering violates the safety rules at the workplace.

The visitors of the restaurants do not need to wear masks when they eat and drink, if they are six feet from each other.




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