California restaurants will be free to feed the elderly in isolation

Program Governor Gavin Newsom “delivery from restaurants of home food for the elderly” starts April 27. The plan was developed in order to assist both institutions of power during the crisis, and particularly vulnerable population — the elderly, writes Eater LA.

Рестораны Калифорнии будут бесплатно кормить пожилых людей на самоизоляции

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Governor of California Gavin Newsom announced a new nationwide program that will pay to have local restaurants provide hot meals for the elderly. According to the program “delivery from restaurants: home cooking for seniors” hoping to save the lives of older Californians, especially vulnerable to coronavirus and to reimburse local restaurants delivery of three meals a day every day.

Participating institutions will be reimbursed up to $16 for Breakfast, $17 for lunch and $28 for dinner, which will provide much-needed income crisis-affected restaurants, whose kitchens and halls were closed for several weeks because of the constant social constraints. Funds will come mainly from state and Federal emergency management Agency, and local authorities will pay a smaller share.

Newsome noted that the program is designed for seniors who are not eligible for other assistance programs. People with high risk — those who have been infected or directly encountered him, whose immune system is under threat or finances do not exceed 600% of the Federal poverty level. According to estimates Newsom, 1.2 million of the 5.7 million older people in California socially isolated.

Participating restaurants will be selected by local authorities, and their food must comply with the recommendations on diet for the elderly. Ideally, suggested Newsom, the ingredients must also be obtained from local sources. Detailed information about how it will be managed by the program, no, but seniors can call the support staff staff to order food by phone (800) 510-2020.




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