California’s raging wildfires: 3 people were killed, dozens of homes destroyed

A devastating fire in Saddleridge Fire, which broke out the evening of October 10 in Sylmar, County of Los Angeles, gradually spiral out of control — compared with 19% localization 12 Oct, today, October 14, firefighters managed to localize the fire at 41%.

В Калифорнии бушуют лесные пожары: 3 человека погибли, десятки домов уничтожены

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The fire consumed nearly 8,000 acres and moved from the surrounding residential neighborhoods on hillsides. After that, due to a more favorable direction of the wind, on Saturday in Los Angeles was cancelled evacuation orders, writes CNN.

“The change in the weather enables firefighters to take advantage of lower wind speeds and directly attack any remaining points of burning” — said on Sunday morning in the fire Department of Los Angeles.

High risk warning of the fire expired at 18:00 on Saturday, according to the national weather service in Los Angeles.

When the fire, fueled by strong winds and low humidity beginning to spread, about 100,000 people were forced to leave their homes within a few blocks of Los Angeles. The fire destroyed at least 31 house.

According to CAL FIRE raging in Calimesa is 70 miles East of Los Angeles — a fire of Sandalwood Fire localized to 77% and covers 1,000 acres at the moment. It killed two people, according to the Sheriff’s Department riverside County. The fire destroyed 76 homes and buildings and damaged another 14.

According to CAL FIRE, the fire in the Reche Moreno Valley has localized 100%. The rapidly growing flames managed to cover 350 acres, after which firefighters extinguished the fire.

All three fires started on Thursday, October 10.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the fires in southern California, according to official data, three people died.

During a fire Saddleridge fire, engulfed the foothills of the valley of San Fernando, a man aged about 50 years died of a heart attack, talking to firefighters, it happened on Friday, October 11.

In the fire of Sandalwood fire, which burned dozens of mobile homes in calimesa, two people were killed.

Family members Lois Arvidson confirmed that the 89-year-old woman died in the fire. Don Turner, the son of Arixona and his wife Kimberly spent the night of 10 to 11 October at the evacuation center, desperately wanting to hear the news about his mother, who lived alone in a Park mobile homes Villa Calimesa. When the woman was talking to my son on the phone, the flames had reached the Park.

Neighbors said they had seen Arvixe sat in the car to leave, but they don’t know what happened next. The turners saw in TV news that the house Arvixe destroyed by fire, and the car is still on the road.

On Friday evening employees of fire protection riverside County found in the Park are the remains of the second victim.