Called 4 easy ways to strengthen the immune system

A strong immune system reduces the chances of getting in the season of colds and flu. There are quite simple ways to strengthen the body in the offseason, which will begin after the real cold and epidemic infections.

Названы 4 простые способа укрепить иммунитет

Immunomodulatory recipes doctors shared on the portal Rambler/the doctor is telling about a very simple but effective ways to help survive fall and winter without sickness.

Sleep. All the efforts to maintain good health will be futile if a person is suffering from a lack of sleep. Adults sleep is necessary in the amount of 7-9 hours. This vacation is necessary in order for the body to make up for the night period the force necessary to combat inflammation and spread germs.

Physical activity. Physical overload in season illnesses can be dangerous as they cause fatigue and weaken the body. But moderate sessions of walking walking for 30 minutes a day will only benefit the immune system – moderate activity protects against stress and improves blood circulation, freeing the body of toxins.

Sun. Possibly fall need to take a sun bath – enough for 10-15 minutes a day. The sun is the best source of vitamin D, deficiency of which increases the risk of respiratory diseases.

Mineral water and green tea. Drinking water helps the body to actively excrete unwanted substances, drink green tea provides antioxidants that promote the immune resources.