Called 5 things not to do after a workout

Experts told about what not to do after a workout, not to negate all the efforts. These recommendations will make your workouts more effective and safe for health.

Названы 5 вещей, которые нельзя делать после спортивной тренировки

Before an intense training session the body needs time to “warm up” and after you need some time for the body to be moved to “normal mode”. Many people just lay down, or sit down to rest after exercise, but this, according to experts, absolutely can not do.

“After a heavy load you need to move is still some time to get your breathing and pulse were restored. Can just calmly walk for ten to fifteen minutes. What exactly should not do is to lie down and rest. In this case, your cardiac rhythm will be broken, and you can get serious problems with health of the heart”, — experts say.

Of course, sleeping after a workout is not worth it. Exactly for the same reasons. Many people drink energy to cheer up after an exhausting physical exercises, but it is better not to do it. After all, energy can not be called any useful for the body drinks.

Another error — ignoring the stretch. If you don’t pay attention to stretching, then the workout will not truly effective, since the lack of stretching the muscles will not be able to grow in an optimal way, plus, they produced lactic acid will not be correctly distributed. One caveat — do not ignore a shower after a workout. If the sweat will dry up and clog the pores, then skin bacteria will begin to multiply rapidly that is not good for the body.