Called common causes of headaches

Many people often suffer from unbearable headaches.

Названы распространенные причины головной боли

Doctors have called the most common causes of headaches and how to resolve it.

Reason 1: stillness of the poses within a few hours. Will help any of the facial gymnastics, grimace, head tilts.

Reason 2: chronic eye strain. The solution — short breaks from the computer, reading documents and concentrated looking in one direction.

Reason 3: the lack of magnesium. It turns out that the lack of this trace element like magnesium can cause occasional headaches or even migraines. What to do? Eat a handful of dried fruit or a banana.

Reason 4: dehydration. This is perhaps the most common cause of summer headaches. Well, if you’re a fan of stronger coffee… one way out — drink water.

Reason 5: the menu had a lot of protein. It is an avid meat lovers, the hot weather often suffer headaches. Go in the plant foods and headaches leave you soon.