Called deadly signs of heart attack and stroke

The doctors voiced the symptoms of these two diseases.

Названы смертельные признаки инфаркта и инсульта

Doctors told journalists about the danger signs of heart attack and stroke. According to doctors, knowing these symptoms can save lives.

In particular, the head of the regional vascular center at the hospital named Veresaeva in Moscow Andrey Seropegin reported symptoms of brain stroke.

“First and foremost, the stroke may appear sharp headache, changing the configuration of the face appear asymmetry,” — said the expert.

Also in stroke, the person may suddenly lose the ability to speak and recognize speech, spatial disorientation occurs. Another characteristic symptom is severe weakness or complete paralysis of the limbs.
As for the heart attack, its symptoms listed chief cardiologist of Moscow Northern administrative district Zaur Shogenov.

“The first signs of a heart attack is chest pain and (or) in the left half of the chest, radiating to neck, jaw and left arm, said particular doctor.

Shogenov added that the signs of heart attack in humans appear in order of increasing earliest occur some time before the impact. They just do not pay attention, stated the specialist. Severe shortness of breath, clammy cold sweats, disruption of the heart, is something that requires an immediate response and seek medical care, prompted by a cardiologist.

According to experts, the most at risk to suffer from a heart attack, people with high cholesterol, which reproduce in the blood vessels of an atherosclerotic plaque. The rejection of bad habits and an active lifestyle, the doctor said the best prevention of heart attacks.