Called products reduce stress levels

Strict diets should be treated with caution, as the prohibitions irritate the human psyche, which increases the chances of a “break.”

Названы продукты, снижающие уровень стресса

This was told by the nutritionist Dr. Dianova. She noted that, in violation of the established rules of power, one tries to eliminate the irritant.

“Go to the store only full, not to gain extra. A hungry buyer refers to themselves with more compassion and more inclined to promote themselves with food, especially sweet”, — stated in the material.

In addition, there is even a special term — Cheat meal (translation: “cheat food”). To do this allow yourself even athletes, for example, one day a week allow yourself to have everything.

“Dessert at the right time can relieve tension and stress. But other days better not let myself go with harmful meals, keep the form. Try again and again to build a system of healthy behaviour. You can give yourself some slack, but that is no reason to despair and grief to eat a sandwich,” reads the article.