Called products that cannot re-heat

Not all foods can be reheated to re-say the experts in the field of healthy nutrition. According to them, in any case can not be re-heat treated dishes based on eggs.

Названы продукты, которые нельзя повторно разогревать

Why? Because when you re-heat eggs are not only rapidly losing all its useful properties, but acquire bad quality due to the appearance of carcinogenic and toxic substances. Material on the subject was published in foreign scientific journal Food Science.

“If you warm up the eggs again, then they may be carcinogens and toxic substances that trigger a whole lot of potentially deadly diseases”, the experts say, noting that the egg is not the only product that is contraindicated in the re-heat treatment.

It is not necessary to be re-heated, for example, meats. Being a protein product, the meat takes on some undesirable properties when re-heated, resulting in becoming a “heavy” for the digestive system food and does more harm than good. Re-warming is not recommended potatoes, mushrooms and beets. These products, as noted by competent experts, lose nutrients when re-heating, and can also induce failures in the gastrointestinal tract.