Called seven foods that increase the pain during menstruation


Experts advise women to regulate their own health during menstruation with a special diet. The experts identified seven products, the use of which should be limited as they increase the pain in the critical days.

Названы семь продуктов, усиливающих боль при менструации

At this period it is necessary to refuse the flour products, vegetable oil, sugar, cereals and replace them with fresh vegetables and fruit. Nutritionists recommend to wait with snacks, confectionery, preferring greens and whole grain bread. Mood swings and a state of depression during menstruation exacerbates fatty and fried foods, red meat

Women during the critical days suggest using olive oil that contains unsaturated fats, to do light dairy products. To prevent swelling it is better to abandon pickles, spicy chips. Alcohol and caffeine are not the best choice during menstruation. These stimulants are only for a short time will get rid of unpleasant symptoms, after that pain will only intensify.