Called simple products, which effectively combats hypertension and prolong life

Scientists advised to eat certain foods as a preventive measure to maintain normal blood pressure. They remind us that high blood pressure is one of the main factors in the development of life-threatening conditions.

Названы простые продукты, которые эффективно борются с гипертонией и продлевают жизнь

Hypertension is associated with a high risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. The researchers stated that recommended their products, helping to maintain pressure at a healthy level, promote and extend human life by protecting it from conditions associated with the risk of deadly disorders.

“Regular exercise and eating a range of foods can help high blood pressure to reduce the number of necessary drugs”, — said the scientists.

In particular, for protection from hypertension they consider necessary to obtain daily from 1000 to 1300 milligrams of calcium. It sources experts recommend milk and yogurt.

In addition, blood pressure help regulate garlic and herbal tea drink made from hibiscus flowers, said the experts.

Also to maintain the normal pressure, are useful omega-3 fatty acids. Ideally, if it’s flax seeds: during the day, enough to use about two tablespoons.