Called staggering facts about the aggregate capital of the 22 richest men

The total fortune of the world billionaires 2153 in 2019 was higher than the accumulation of 4.6 billion people with lower incomes. It is more than half the world’s population, which reached 7.8 billion people.

Названы ошеломляющие факты о совокупном капитале 22 богатейших мужчин

This is stated in the study charity organization Oxfam, the

Experts estimate that if people daily set aside 10 thousand dollars since the construction of the Egyptian pyramids (XXVI century BC), then by 2020 its as close a fifth of the average state of a billionaire who is in the top 5 richest.

The report also estimated that total capital 22 richest men is equivalent to the status of all women of Africa put together. According to researchers, the basis for such inequality is “flawed and sexist economic system.”

Researchers indicate that the majority of billionaires are men. While women in the modern world we deal with so-called unpaid work (house cleaning, cooking, caring for children, the sick and the elderly) and work in low-paying jobs.

The experts urged world governments to build an economic system that will reward people for work, bringing real benefit to society, not to encourage endless pursuit of profit and wealth. Researchers believe that this can be achieved through investment in the national health system and the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation.