Called the amount that UEFA will allocate Ukraine to overcome the effects of coronavirus

Названа сумма, которую УЕФА выделит Украине для преодоления последствий коронавируса

The UEFA HatTrick programme will provide Ukraine with EUR 4.3 million to help our country solve the problems associated with the pandemic COVID-19.

Total funding for the programme, UEFA has allocated 236,5 million Euro, which will be evenly distributed among the 55 members of the Association to cover running costs and to help in the development of targeted sectors of football.

“Our sport is facing unprecedented challenges created by the crisis COVID-19. UEFA wants to help its members to respond in a way that is consistent with their particular circumstances. As a result, we agreed that up to EUR 4.3 million for the Association, sent for the remainder of this and the next season, and part of the investment financing can be used as needed by our members to restore the football community,” said UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, the press service of the organization.

“The program of UEFA’s HatTrick assistance is one of the biggest projects of solidarity and development ever created by a sports organization. It was launched in 2004 after the Euro held in Portugal. By 2024, investment in the HatTrick programme to member associations reached 2.6 billion euros,” – said football functionary.