Called the conditions for economic growth in Ukraine

Economic growth in Ukraine is possible under condition of granting owners credit for at least 400 billion a year.

Названы условия экономического роста в Украине

This was stated by Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Igor Petrashko in the program “Svoboda words” on ICTV, transfers Hvilya.

“The Ukrainian system is to give entrepreneurs a year at least 400 billion to 8% growth is the economy. If there is no lending, to grow the economy to 8 or 10% will not” — said the Minister.

Igor Petrashko said that for entrepreneurs who already have a Bank loan developed by the option of crediting 5-7-9. This program enables lending to small and medium businesses one year to pay no interest.

“The issue of funding, program change, which has already earned 5-7-9. Not on new loans, and for those entrepreneurs who already have loans in the banks, and by contacting banks, will one year not to pay General interest. They will have to pay the state, meaning that they will pay at all zero. This program is designed for a portfolio of around 35 billion UAH”, — informed the Minister.

According to estimates of the National Bank of Ukraine, the country went into an economic crisis caused by the outbreak of coronavirus infection, with a large margin of safety. In the “Inflation report” of the regulator notes that in 2020 the depth and duration of economic decline is not determined by macroeconomic imbalances, and restrictions of economic activities. In this regard, it is expected and faster recovery after the lifting of the quarantine.

The national Bank stressed that Ukraine, thanks to a consistent monetary policy for the first time is in crisis with moderate inflation and low inflation expectations, which gives the space for monetary easing. It is noted that unlike 2008 and 2014, the current account deficit is within acceptable limits, and the hryvnia exchange rate close to equilibrium.