Called the difference in the salaries of Hollywood actors and Actresses

Experts from the universities of Lancaster, Wisconsin, Hudersfield called the difference in salaries of Hollywood actors and Actresses. It turned out, women’s work is undervalued by an average of 1.1 million dollars for the film.

Названа разница в зарплатах голливудских актеров и актрис

Experts analyzed data on earnings 246 actors starring from 1980 to 2015 in 1343 paintings. As information sources, we used Box Office Mojo and IMDb. The calculation takes into account the popularity of the stars in social networks, awards, successes. The study showed that the difference in income depends on the age of the actors and the genre of the film. For shooting adventure movie men pay $ 1.8 million more. Thus the profit 50-year-old actors sometimes above 4 million dollars for the film.

Hollywood celebrities have long complained about unfair appraisals. For example, Bradley Cooper and Christian bale for 45 days of shooting in the film “American hustle” received 2.5 million dollars, and their colleague Amy Adams is just 1.25 million dollars.