Called the main product, hindering successful weight loss

The failure of this product will help to shed pounds.

Назван главный продукт, мешающий успешному похудению

Known fitness coach Anita Lutsenko well versed in matters of weight loss, so it tips and life hacks to instantly become mega-popular and, most importantly, are really effective

Recently, Anita talked about how to quickly and easily lose a few pounds, abandoning just one product.

“The easiest way to remove a couple extra pounds is to remove from the diet all bread, any color and prices. Only a couple of crackers or yeast-free whole grain, but also not whole, bagels, and crackers too clean. P. S. most bread (instead of cereals), sweet snacks kg of fruit (use the same), liters of yogurt and laesecke. And then surprise??? Why do I have excess on the sides? Everything is logical! It should be in this diet,” Lutsenko wrote on his page in Facebook.

Your advice Anita Lutsenko personally tested in practice: in confirmation of his words, the trainer showed a photo of the figure after childbirth and shared her story of how she managed to lose weight and to regain good health and confidence.