Called the worst types of bags, leading to back problems


Foreign expert Doug Jones spoke about the worst types of bags, which can lead to serious back problems. Article relevant content published in the Daily Mail.

Названы худшие виды сумок, приводящих к проблемам со спиной

Famous physical therapist Doug Jones, of Manchester, who overcame his personal struggle for health and challenged four years ago after a brain tumor nearly killed him, is a supporter of health and well-being. The expert is concerned that many women really have not kept themselves, giving preference to bags that are maimed. It should take into account the excessive weight of these products.

One of the worst variants of a product is a laptop bagwhich is very heavy for a portable personal computer, and associated cables and other devices. Most often we are talking about the load on one shoulder.

Shoulder bag leads to serious problems with the spine and neck. Such options related to what people are trying to put as many things in connection with what followed subsequent complaints about a particular side of the body. In this list was the sport option, which adds more stress back of the neck.

Ideal backpacks should be worn on both shoulders so the weight of the bag and its items were more evenly distributed. This means that the product focuses the stress in any one area.

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