Called vitamins, whose deficiency contributes to the growth of tumors

The lack of vitamins called by scientists one of the factors contributing to the growth of tumors and cancer development. British experts said about the danger of deficiency of vitamin D, vitamin A, and vitamins C, B and E.

Названы витамины, чей недостаток способствует росту опухолей

The journal Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications published an article by British scientists, who warn about the danger of a lack of vitamins in the human body. In particular, experts noted that many people today avoid the sun’s rays, while the sun promotes the synthesis in the body is very important vitamin D.

Scientists have concluded that compounds based on this vitamin help prevent the development of castrate-resistant tumors. Vitamin decreases the synthesis of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and other androgens in the tumor that does not allow them to grow. A lack of vitamin D3 causes cancer processes, experts say.

In turn, Russian scientists from the RAS associated with the development of cancerous tumors deficient in vitamin A, which can protect against the development of cervical cancer. This nutrient is contained in the pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, milk, eggs, fatty fish, and paprika, curry, sage and Basilica.

Scientists emphasize that the security of body anti-cancer vitamins is a question of a varied diet. In the diet, according to them, there should be greens, cereals, meat and butter and vegetable oil.