Called ways to remove a headache without pills


European studies have shown that people suffering from migraine, reduced levels of the hormone mood – serotonin. Experts have studied the problem and called ways without medication to stop the pain.

Названы способы устранить головную боль без таблеток

Doctors advise to refrain from eating gluten and protein-rich food, replacing it with nuts, rice, dates, cheese, eggs or chicken. Often, the headache occurs because of pressure surges, stabilize that will help walk in the fresh air. Remove the migraine will manage with a massage of the temples, which allows you to relax quickly.

Easy to fix headaches yoga helps, but rather “corpse pose”. Importantly, do not forget to relax the body and jaw. The simple action of “fool” the brain by simulating the reflex of falling asleep. The action of the hormones of the prostaglandins that cause migraine, relieves ginger. Root you just need to chew.

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