Cameron Diaz without makeup for a walk in Los Angeles

47-year-old actress is enjoying a career break and fresh air.

Камерон Диаз без макияжа на прогулке по Лос-Анджелесу

Paparazzi has caught Cameron Diaz at the exit from the nail salon in Beverly hills. The actress appeared in front of unexpected companions in legallybuy manner: on the afternoon walk Diaz was without makeup, in a convenient black top and ripped jeans. Smiling for photographers, the actress confidently continued to enjoy the sun, not caring about the opinions of others.

Obviously, Cameron really knew what to write in his “Book about the body” in 2015. Recall that the actress has devoted an edition to a healthy lifestyle, acceptance of yourself and love your body. Instead of exhausting diets, the actress advises to shift the focus of attention on concepts from the field of psychology. Diaz recommends to make them an integral part of life for my health and wellbeing. In the book, the actress shared a personal experience and explained how to learn to understand and accept your body.

Today Cameron demonstrates the concept of his book: in his 47 years, the actress kept free, easy, and looks absolutely amazing.