Camila Morrone told how he suffered from haters because of Leonardo DiCaprio

Girls 45-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio in the press and fans of the star keen interest, and his current girlfriend, 22-year-old Argentine model Camila Morrone no exception. The actor rarely gives interviews and did not comment on his personal life.

Камила Морроне рассказала, как пострадала от хейтеров из-за Леонардо ДиКаприо

Not confused by the age difference with lover — Leo is older than her 23 years. But the media often discuss a couple. Camila, like Leonardo, trying not to pay attention to gossip. However, sometimes her patience doesn’t stand up. In a recent interview with Vulture she remembered how tried to convince the haters.

In July, camile responded to the attacks of enemies, published in Instagram the famous Hollywood couple Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart. She recalled that the 25-year age difference did not prevent them.

I just hope this Friday people will try to live with less hatred in your heart, interested in something else, because life without hatred is beautiful — written in the post Morrone.

In an interview with Vulture she explained the decision to engage in dialogue with haters.

I had nothing planned and thought about this in advance, although they should. I have some impulsiveness. Just one morning I for some reason decided to read the comments on his page in the social network. Normally I do not read them because I always not good from reading. In the end just voiced his thoughts. In the Internet there are a lot of unnecessary hate. I know that my attempt to nip it changed nothing. I wanted to say: “You guys are really evil.” Probably won’t say your impulse. It caused an even greater reaction. Learn to protect yourself and avoid something that could hurt, ‘ said Kamila.

Morrone tries his hand at cinema. Yesterday in Los Angeles she attended a special screening of the film “Mickey and the bear” (Mickey and the Bear), which played a major role.