Camping, cruises, air travel: when planning a vacation postcoronary

Due to coronavirus the entire world is quarantined, all messages between countries and within countries discontinued. Experts agree that the tourism industry will develop. Edition of USA Today found out, when people will again be able to travel the world.

Кемпинг, круизы, авиаперелеты: на когда планировать посткоронавирусный отпуск

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Although most Americans are not yet ready to book your next vacation, they begin to look vouchers. Attendance booking sites has grown. According to the new InsureMyTrip customer survey, about 87% of American travelers hope to go on vacation by the end of 2021. Perhaps some might even want to Move to Portugal from USA.

  • Recovery potential: very high

The trip will be the first in line to recover. RVShare, market rent travel trailers, motorhomes, and camper trailers, reports a 650 percent increase in rents since early April, as more and more families are considering the possibility of flight travel. According to the customer survey, about 65% of the tenants want to visit a national Park or camping in the next three months.

What to expect: limitations in tent camps and reinforced treatment protocols around objects. Picnic tables and seats most likely will be removed to make guests could not gather in large companies. When trying to reduce the previously described limitations, checking out the Zervs catalog.

Domestic flights
  • Potential recovery: slow

Most experts agree that it is difficult to determine when air transportation stabiliziruemost. Boeing CEO says flights may require two or three years to completely recover. The requirement for passengers to wear a face mask and the active measures clearance from the U.S. airlines can help to increase the confidence of consumers. The latest search data from Expedia and show that there is interest in areas such as Las Vegas, Orlando and Hawaii.

What to expect: “Family will be more cautious when booking trips, but they also may want to spend less on vacation. The good news is that in 2021 there will be many suggestions, especially from resorts and hotels,” says mark Jackson, who maintains a section of travel offers works on brad’s Deals.

International flights
  • Potential recovery: slow

International travel bans and border closures are likely to remain in force for several months in many countries. Despite the fact that the number of search queries for travel autumn more than summer, they are still small in comparison with the previous year.

But not as bad. The company 3Victors involved in these journeys, reports that in some countries there is a very slow and gradual increase in search demand. For example, in Norway and South Korea have already started selling tickets.

Cruise travel
  • Potential recovery: too early to predict

“The order banning the sale of cruises”, published by the Centers for control and prevention of diseases, valid until 24 July and may be extended after this date. Although some cruise lines, including Carnival, there are flights scheduled for August 2020, the CDC has yet to determine whether it is safe to resume this kind of travel. And the company AmaWaterways has opened booking for 2022 due to growth in demand.

What to expect: even if the CDC will give cruise lines the green light again to start traveling, not everyone is ready immediately to resume work.

The Norwegian company stated that it will use a phased approach, starting from five to six ships per month, while the full fleet of 28 ships will not return to a normal schedule, which will take about six months. Royal Caribbean said that operations will resume only after they are fully trained, with proper hygienic protocols.

“We understand that when our ships back into operation, they will swim in a changed world, said Richard Fain, Chairman and CEO of parent company Royal Caribbean. — How well we anticipate this new environment will play a crucial role in ensuring the health and safety of our guests and team, and allow our businesses and our partner agencies to return to growth”.

  • Recovery potential: probably in 2021

Major travel companies have reported an increase in the number of bookings at the beginning of 2021.

“We’re already starting to see trends in such areas as national parks, but customers are actively exploring other regions, including Iceland, Finland, and Ireland,” says Jeff Roy, Executive Vice President of Collette.

What to expect: small group travel and private tours. Routes will be carefully designed taking into account the rules postcoronary the world.



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