Can a person get HIV in the pool and manicure?

Doctor Eugene Zhukov dispelled a number of myths associated with this topic.

Можно ли заразиться ВИЧ в бассейне и на маникюре?

— As you know, the virus dies quickly in the environment, so infection can’t get any from an infected needle, or in the beauty salon. Also don’t worry when you visit the pool — said the doctor.

According to her, the catch in the basin is impossible, “even if an infected person was bleeding and you have a leg wound: it just dissolves in thousands of cubes chlorinated water.”

Do not be afraid of kissing because the saliva the virus is not transmitting, said the medic.

At the current level of medicine HIV-positive people are perfectly capable of living a normal life, like everyone else.

The virus is transmitted directly through blood, sexual contact and from mother to child if she does not accept therapy and breastfeeding, said Zhukov.

HIV is not transmitted through shared utensils for food, when using the common toilet, shower and bath, and bed linen; the handshakes and hugs; through sweat or tears; cough and sneezing.