Can coronavirus be absorbed through the skin

About the new 2019 coronavirus-nCoV is distributed as truthful information and many myths and conjectures. Recently in the Network there were rumors that the virus can be transmitted through the skin. True or not, understood the correspondent of “voice of America”.

Может ли коронавирус проникнуть в организм через кожу

What percentage of the population may become ill COVID-19?

Shortly after it became known that the outbreak of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV is not limited to China, the researchers began to develop models of the spread of the infection across the planet. At the moment, most experts are inclined to believe that the new 2019 coronavirus-nCoV infected 50 to 70% of the population.

The percentage of infection and of mortality in particular countries will depend on the severity and duration of quarantine measures taken by local authorities, the functionality of health systems, as well as the possibility of developing drugs and vaccines from 2019 new coronavirus-nCoV.

How and how often you should wash your hands?

In the midst of the epidemic, doctors recommend to wash your hands whenever you touch the items which are generally considered as storage of bacteria and viruses. Such as computer keyboard, mobile phone, wallets, various remote controls, door handles and so on. A virus is a molecule of protein is covered with a protective lipid layer that penetrates the human body through the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose or mouth. By itself, the virus is very fragile, therefore, any cleanser with abundant foam is a great way of destroying it. The foam dissolves the fat and the protein is immediately destroyed. Wash hands with soap and water is recommended for at least 20 seconds.

What other tools except soap effective in preventing infection by 2019 coronavirus-nCoV?

The heat dissolves the fat leading to loss of viruses, that is why when washing hands and washing clothes it is recommended to use warm water. Fat dissolves and the alcohol, but it needs to be not less than 65%. 2019 protein of coronavirus-nCoV die and by applying to it a mixture of bleach and water in a proportion of 1/5. Viruses and decompose in contact with them to ultraviolet rays, so exposure to sunlight helps in the prevention.

Can 2019 new coronavirus-nCoV to penetrate the human body through the skin?

There is not, healthy skin is a powerful barrier against viruses. However, in the midst of the epidemic, doctors recommend not only to wash hands, but also moisturize their skin as the virus can accumulate in the cracks, whose number may increase significantly as a result of frequent hand washing with soap and water. Additionally, it is recommended to frequently cut your nails, because the virus in high concentrations can be hiding under them.

Is it true that the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV live longer beard than clean-shaven face?

More likely than not. Specific studies on this subject was not, however, given the fact that viruses survive better in the hair and on the rough surfaces, protected from the sun, we can safely assume that beards are a better habitat than a shaven face. That is why the time of the epidemic, experts recommend to think about changing the image. Even with the beard you love to a greater number of people.


As reported ForumDaily:

  • A new virus was discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. In 2020 it covers all continents except Antarctica. On 11 March, the President of the United States Donald trump has imposed a ban on entry into the United States from the EU. The ban came into force on Friday, March 13, and will last at least 30 days. In particular, it will affect people visiting the Schengen area for the last 14 days.
  • On 13 March, the tramp of coronavirus introduced in the U.S. nationwide state of emergency.
  • March 11, the who declared the situation with coronavirus pandemic, covering more than 110 countries. With symptoms COVID-19 caused by a coronavirus, can be found here.
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