Can I eat grapes with seeds?

In grape seeds contain powerful antioxidants, particularly tocopherol. They are so strong that it is able to prevent some types of cancer.

Можно ли есть виноград вместе с косточками?

Also grapeseed strengthen blood vessels and purify the blood from harmful substances. It is especially recommended not to neglect the bones of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The use of grape seed associated with a high content of vitamin E as well as calcium and potassium. Grape seeds used to produce the most valuable vegetable oil, flour and grape powder.

With regular consumption of grape seed the body will be protected from stress. In addition, grape seeds act as a natural antioxidant and prevent premature aging.

Many manufacturers of dietary Supplements use extracts derived from grape seed in the production process of their products.

Now about contraindications. Doctors recommend not to consume grape seeds in large quantities. It can cause appendicitis as well as problems with the stomach and intestines.