Can I eat immediately after training? The nutritionist gave a detailed answer

There is a perception that after an intense workout, should immediately eat, because at this time is a so-called “protein-carbohydrate window”. So called a short period after intense exercise, when the body has used up his own reserves and energy, so you should provide it with nutrients from food. It is believed that they will go for the future – recovery and muscle growth, not weight gain. Whether this is so, said nutritionist consultant Laura Filippov. Appropriate post she posted in his personal Instagram account.

Можно ли есть сразу после тренировки? Диетолог дала подробный ответ

The expert explained that evidence of the existence of protein-carbohydrate window and the need for “closure” for 20 minutes there. According to her, there is no research that would confirm that there is a need to eat immediately after a workout.

And here’s why:

  • protein synthesis after strenuous exercise lasts at least 24 hours, not 20 minutes. It is therefore important not protein intake immediately after training, and the total amount of protein in the daily diet. It is important that the protein was received evenly throughout the day;
  • if we eat balanced and on schedule, then we have a certain supply of nutrients and there is no urgent need to eat immediately after a workout. Normal is to eat within an hour and a half after it.

What to eat after a workout:

  • easily digestible protein — poultry, eggs, cottage cheese
  • vegetables and herbs
  • a small amount of complex carbohydrates (2-3 tbsp brown rice, buckwheat or millet will improve the digestion of protein)

The dietician said that exercise needs to fit into the usual feeding schedule. Unable to eat and in half an hour and an hour and a half after class is a matter of habit.