Can passive Smoking cause cancer?

Regularly influencing the person third-party tobacco smoke can cause cancer. Metropolitan physician of the highest category Olga Sahakyan told about those possible serious health problems that can cause passive Smoking.

Может ли пассивное курение стать причиной рака?

Doctor Olga Sahakyan said that in the case of passive Smoking the body Smoking people smoke penetrates the side, carrying with them the same carcinogens that receives and smoker. According to the doctor, standing in the smoke beside the smoker can lead to the same unpleasant consequences as active Smoking.
“Sidestream smoke, from the effects of which also affects Smoking contains about 4,000 chemicals, among which 69 aggressive carcinogens. So often stay in the company of smokers can trigger very serious health problems”, — said Olga Sahakyan.

The doctor said that passive Smoking can cause worsening of allergies and the development of pathologies of ENT-organs, heart and vascular, COPD — chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition, exposure to sidestream smoke increases the probability to get a cancer diagnosis.
“Most malignant tumors localized in mammary glands, lungs and kidneys,” warned the doctor.

To protect against the adverse effects should avoid being in Smoking and smoke-filled rooms, said the medic.