Can Quebec dream?

Can Quebec City dream?


That the Ottawa Senators are displaying the “for sale” sign should come as no surprise.

Anna and Olivia, the two heiresses of formation following the death of Eugene Melnyk, entrusted a Los Angeles company with the mandate to explore the market.

Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHL decision-makers know very well that eventually we will have to come to this conclusion.

The two young women undoubtedly have other projects with which they can exploit their knowledge in the business world and allow their father's empire to experience further growth.

During the off-season, they allowed the team's hockey bosses to make costly decisions in order to give luster to a franchise that, for too long, has struggled to win the interest of fans.

However, the colossal work carried out by general manager Pierre Dorion, among others, has given fans hope. Before the loss of Josh Norris, the roster's best center, we honestly believed that the Senators would get an appointment for the spring tournament.

Now it will be more difficult.

Influence of the two youngsters

From there to think that the latest events have influenced the two young owners, it is rather reasonable to believe that they are probably thinking of selling the training since the day they took over the business.

< p>Over the past few months, the National League has kept a very close eye on the operations of the company. The NHL is looking above all for owners who have important projects.

What are Olivia and Anna Melnyk's goals? 

Do they intend to run their business while remaining engaged in the world of sport? 

If they have decided to seek the help of a company specializing in financial transactions with sports owners , you have to think that they want to direct their future in spheres other than sport.

So the perspective that the “Sens ” change of address with new investors is to be considered.

A wish

Various sources point out that there will be a promise in the deed of sale that the team will remain in Ottawa. It is plausible. We often want to reassure amateurs that nothing will change in terms of operations, that the business will remain in the same place.

A wishful thinking, but one that is quickly lost in negotiations between interested buyers and the seller.

Assuming that Quebec hockey fans will follow this issue with particular interest, the question we can ask ourselves is: “Is it allowed to dream? “

If we remember Michel Therrien's remarks to TVA Sports on Saturday evening, you might as well forget that since Geoff Molson, the owner of the Canadian, would have mentioned to his close guard, a few years ago, that he did not see favorably the return of the Nordiques. 

But have you thought about the reactions it would cause if he blocked such a project? What impact would be had on certain CH partners? 

Have we forgotten what happened in Winnipeg 40 years ago?

The last word to Bettman

However, Bettman is the most influential figure in professional hockey. The members of the board of governors are his employers except when they look at the hunting list of their trusted man and he is always given carte blanche.

So, if the commissioner wants a team in Quebec, we can bet he will win. But is that really what he wants?

We can always argue that he did not discuss with the Minister of Finance, Eric Girard, simply for the pleasure of the thing. That he wanted to obtain the most relevant information on the file of a return of National League hockey to Quebec.  

The minister no doubt had a list of investors, no doubt that Pierre Karl Péladeau, president and CEO of Quebecor, and well-known businessmen, such as Alain Bouchard, of Couche-Tard, are closely following the file.  

Bettman does not want to create an imbalance between the two associations and that is the reason why if the Senators were to pass into the hands of new investors, he would like to keep the team in the East.

The city par excellence

Who can host the Senators? Ottawa cannot be neglected. The new owners could take advantage of certain rights acquired by Eugene Melnyk for the construction of a new amphitheater in the city center. 

Quebec meets all the criteria of professional hockey: infrastructures, amateurs , the enthusiasm for this sport, etc. 

Perhaps the Toronto region would like to have a second formation. 

In recent years , we have repeatedly raised the projects of businessmen in the suburbs of Toronto. This is a project still on the table.

What will be the selling price?  

Some say $650 million $ US, but Commissioner Bettman will object. 

Seattle Kraken paid that amount , three years ago. 

We are talking more about an amount of 900 M$ or 1 B$ US.

Exaggerated figures for a concession who is struggling to attract customers.

Does Qué beak can dream?