Canada Day: Ottawa will have the short fuse towards the demonstrators



If protesters were planning to spoil the party in downtown Ottawa on July 1, Canada Day, they had better change their minds, said the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson. 

“There will be no second chances for protesters who attempt to illegally settle on Parliament Hill, Mayor Watson assured in an interview at CTV News. […] We are better prepared than we were in February. We will rely on more resources.”

“It will be zero tolerance,” he continued. Truckers will not be able to approach Parliament. If they use private land to park, they will be towed immediately. It will be an expensive visit to the capital for people who act irresponsibly and illegally.”

Even if he absolutely wants to avoid reliving the same kind of demonstration as last February, Jim Watson made it clear that people will be able to express their dissatisfaction with the government of Justin Trudeau. However, they will have to do so by respecting the law to the letter.

“At no time will people be able to camp and use their own fireworks,” said the mayor. The laws of our country will have to be respected, as will the police.”

Security will be more important in downtown Ottawa. For the occasion, the Ottawa Police Service has requested the assistance of 500 additional officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), according to a report seen by CTV News. Traffic in the area will be controlled from Wednesday until July 4.

“We ask citizens who want to protest to treat Ottawa as if the city were their own region, said Jim Watson. Do you really want to experience what the people of Ottawa experienced last February? No, you don't want to experience that! July 1 is the most important day in the capital. People who want to protest, do so in a respectful way. Don't try to intimidate anyone.”