Canada fighting for a seat in the UN Security Council this week (PHOTOS)

Канада борется за место в Совете Безопасности ООН на этой неделе (ФОТО)

This week Canada will be associated not one election campaign.

Another round of campaigning for candidates in new York, where a delegation of former Prime Ministers with the support of the Senator and rich diplomatic experience will promote Canada’s bid for a temporary seat on the Security Council of the United Nations.

Canada is fighting for one of two places for a two year term that will start in 2021, but can expect tough competition from Norway and Ireland.

The vote will take place in June next year, but “with its never-sleeping eye” of the Federal government, which in this case was the Ministry of international Affairs of Canada, sent former Prime Ministers Jean chrétien and Joe Clark at the annual meeting of the world leaders of the UN General Assembly instead of the current, but, for obvious reasons, abstention from the trip Justin Trudeau.

Former liberal and progressive conservative leaders are part of the delegation headed by a senior public servant Martha Morgan, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs.

In addition to the Ambassador of Canada to the UN Marc-andré Blanchard, the delegation includes former interim liberal leader Bob RAE, appointed special envoy of Canada to Myanmar, former Prime Minister of Quebec Jean Charest and independent Senator Peter Boehm.