Canada post updated the passwords in the accounts after the leak (PHOTO)

Почта Канады обновила пароли в аккаунтов после утечки информации (ФОТО)

Canada post stated that they lost the passwords for all accounts online accounts after I received the message that personal information can be compromised.

The postal service claims that usernames and passwords stolen in other place, could be used to access the account with Canada Post, if the clients reuse the same credentials on multiple sites.

Service says that cyber attack or breach of the system Mail Canada was not.

Representatives mail saying data may have been compromised in 2017, but exactly what personal information could be taken, unknown, and how many of these accounts have been fraudulently obtained.

The postal service says it hired a third party to further investigate this issue and also reviewing its policies and procedures on how it can strengthen the security of their online platforms.

In an unrelated incident in November last year, Canada Post said that someone used tools to track the delivery in order to access personal information of the 4,500 customers of the store of cannabis in Ontario.