Canadian ambassador summoned to Kyiv following 'unacceptable' turbine transfer

Canadian Ambassador summoned to Kyïv following transfer &laquo ;unacceptable


Canada's ambassador to Ukraine was summoned to kyiv on Monday following Canada's 'unacceptable' return to Germany of turbines for Russia's Nord Stream gas pipeline, Ukraine's president announced Volodymyr Zelensky.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to summon Canada's envoy to our country because of an absolutely unacceptable exception to the sanctions regime against Russia,” Zelensky said in his daily message on Telegram.

According to Mr. Zelensky, this decision “will be perceived in Moscow only as a sign of weakness”.

“There is no doubt that Russia will try not only to limit as much as possible, but also to completely cut off the gas supply to Europe at the most acute moment,” he added.

Over the weekend, Canada agreed to deliver turbines needed to service the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany, despite sanctions in place against Russia and appeals from Ukraine.

The turbines were undergoing maintenance at a Canadian site belonging to the German group Siemens, and Russia blamed their absence for reduced deliveries through the pipeline.

On Monday, Russian energy giant Gazprom began ten days of maintenance on the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. Germany and other European countries are waiting to see if gas delivery will be restored.

The German government had been for several weeks “in intensive contact” with Ottawa to obtain the return of the equipment in question to Europe.

Germany, for fear that Moscow would soon completely cut off the flow of gas, had offered Canada to take back the turbines in order to stay in the nails “on the legal level”, rather than delivering them to Russia.

Berlin does not believe in the technical reason given by Gazprom to explain the fall in gas deliveries, but considers that the return of the turbines will deprive Russia of a pretext to extend this closure of the gas tap, which could degenerate into a major energy crisis.

L Ukraine, for its part, assures that the Ukrainian gas pipelines are capable of transporting a volu me enough gas to Germany to compensate for the drop in Russian deliveries.