Canadians again suggest not to fly to Hong Kong due to the unrest (PHOTO)


Канадцам опять  советуют не летать в Гонконг из-за массовых волнений (ФОТО)

The Federal government warns Canadians against travel to Hong Kong in connection with the mass protests and the concentration of military forces of China at the border.

Warning of the dangers of travel appeared today around 9: 30. In it, in particular, States that the citizens of Canada to “exercise high degree of caution in Hong Kong due to the ongoing large-scale demonstrations.”

The Minister of foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland said that Canadians in Hong Kong should contact the canadian Consulate if they need help.

Hong Kong is home to approximately 300,000 Canadians.

In the last few days between the demonstrators and the police serious clashes occurred after protesters seized the airport, with the result that within two days were canceled all flights.

During rallies calling for democratic reforms, was arrested more than 600 people.

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