Canadians vote after several weeks of tension and discord of the campaign (PHOTO)

Канадцы голосуют после нескольких недель напряженной и полной разногласий кампании   (ФОТО)

The election campaign is over, and Canadians in some parts of the country went to the polls to cast their vote on 43 General election of Canada. According to many, competition, final round of the election was the most contentious in recent history.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and conservative leader Andrew Scheer a few weeks, trying to prove that the party is a competitor of the unworthy in power.

And as the leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh enlisted the support of progressive voters, while in Quebec arose Quebec block, it is able to disrupt the plans of the government of the majority and to put any party in an advantageous position in Parliament, where no clear predominance of one party.

Elizabeth may hopes her party will be able to capitalize on his recent success in the provincial polls and use the situation to gain more seats in the House of Commons.

As for the Maxim Bernier, who spent most of the campaign trying to protect their own place in Quebec, the election should show whether his start-up “national party of Canada” a real political force or one day.

While the majority of voters will vote today, about 4.7 million Canadians voted early last weekend, which is 29% higher than in 2015.

The press service of the electoral Commission of Canada reported that each of the approximately 27.4 million citizens entitled to vote for one of about 20,000 polling stations across the country.

Voter turnout in the last election accounted for 68.5%, the highest figure since 1993.