Cancer is associated with the character? Does psyche on Oncology

Psychologist Elida Evans has been studying cancer from a psychological point of view. She came to interesting conclusions.

Рак связан с характером? Влияет ли психика на онкологию

Although scientists tend to believe that in most cases cancer is a consequence of random mutations, yet there are certain factors that can contribute to the development of cancer. This, for example, bad habits, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity. But can our mood influence the development of cancer?

Psychologist Elida Evans believes that this is a significant factor. She noted that many cancer patients long before I heard the diagnosis, have lost any meaningful relationship – it could be the death of a loved, loss of connection with an old friend, breakup with a loved one. But here comes the crucial factor is the psychologist believes that cancer most often occurs in people who see themselves in only one social role, and after the loss of an important connection just can’t move on.

According to Dr. Evans, psychological flexibility may help protect against cancer. How to achieve this? Remain open to a new psychologist believes that one should not “bind” themselves to certain activities, place of residence, relationships, and the need to adapt to the circumstances and try to make them work for you, not you to them.

Evans in the course of his research came to the conclusion that cancer often encounter people who hide their feelings and emotions. Although outwardly they are calm and stable, in fact they are in constant stress and are experiencing dissatisfaction with life.