Cancer symptoms that appear in the five years before the disease

Cancer is most successfully treatable in the early stages, so it is very important to detect the disease. Doctors called the main symptoms, which can detect the first signs of the disease for 5 years prior to its development.

Симптомы рака, появляющиеся за пять лет до болезни

Change the shape and color of moles and the appearance of pain in locations should be alerted. This is the reason for the visit to the doctor to rule out development of melanoma.

On the development of breast cancer may indicate a sudden change in the shape and size of the chest (of course, if you are dieting and not losing weight intentionally). Regular night waking between one and three o’clock in the morning may indicate the possible development of liver cancer.

Constant fatigue, tiredness that does not go away with adequate rest – not a good sign, and it is better to go to the doctor and be tested.

Prolonged constipation, lack of appetite in relation to favorite dishes – the primary symptoms of bowel cancer.

Note that all of these symptoms can be signs of many different diseases, but any disease, as you know, it is easier to prevent than to cure.

According to the who, pAK is one of the leading causes of death in the world, but 30% of deaths from this disease can be prevented.