Canoo will be the future of electric vehicles

Canoo станет электрокаром будущего

This electric minibus for the subscription service, which was created by the guy who painted the BMW i3 and i8.

And can be quite simple poyant that he used for inspiration: minibus Volkswagen, Dymaxion, and a large tablet of paracetamol. If you don’t like how the car looks at Canoo have a solution.

Since the machine is designed on a special platform — “electric skateboard” — the van can vary according to the customer. If you want, you can simply install on top of another body.

This is very similar to electric modular platform of Volkswagen, which chassis carries the motors and batteries, freeing up passenger space

Inside the car, enough space to put skis or a surfboard. But in General, the internal space is able to accommodate seven people. In a startup, we are assured that the chair is created more furniture than to the side of car seats. That’s why the back seat like a sofa in a nightclub, and the front draw inspiration from seats mid-century.

Van will drive on the electric motor and the battery 80 kW-hrs electrical Performance of the power plant is the 300 HP, cruising range — up to 400 km, and the maximum speed is limited 200 km/h. in Addition, while rapidly charging the battery can be charged fully in just 28 minutes. H

Canoo builds the project under a service monthly subscription for the car. It eliminates all tedious processes like vehicle registration, maintenance, insurance and the necessary amount will be charged to your card with special offers.

Currently engaged in Canoo test beta versions of its cars to the headquarters in Los Angeles, where the possible partners and customers can personally experience them.