Can’t believe I’m alive’ in new Jersey the girl managed to get out of the car during a flood in the tunnel

Girl from new Jersey survived a harrowing ordeal after it in the tunnel came under flood. This writes ABC News.

'Невероятно, что я жива': в Нью-Джерси девушке удалось выбраться из машины во время наводнения в тоннеле

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24-year-old Natalia Bruno said she delivered the goods for DoorDash Monday, July 6, when a warning was issued about the flooding of several districts, including Passaic, where she was at.

Bruno was riding in his car, and when she entered the underground viaduct, the flood started.

“I don’t even know what I went through”, she said.

Bruno said she tried to get out of the car, but the water dragged her to the river Passaic.

“For me it was five minutes, all is dark, I tried to breathe, tried to put his feet on the floor and get some fresh air,” said Bruno.

She said she thought about her boyfriend in those moments, not knowing whether it climbs.

Flood warnings were in force until 19:00 Monday at Passaic, when a thunderstorm swept the area.

Governor Phil Murphy urged residents of new Jersey in the affected areas to travel only if necessary.

DoorDash issued a statement. “In DoorDash we take very seriously the safety of our community, and we extend our sincere condolences to the employee who experienced this frightening event. We went to offer our support during her recovery and provide her financial assistance as insurance against accidents in production to cover the costs incurred”.

Bruno said the painful trial ended when her car crashed into a support beam in the tunnel.

She managed to swim the river through the tunnel. When her car eventually pulled out, she said she saw the damage. However, she could only think about one thing: “it’s Incredible that I’m alive.”




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