Capitals: Coidie Paiva seduced by his supporters

Capitals: Coidie Paiva wowed by his supporters


Pitcher Codie Paiva may have grown up in the idyllic setting of the Hawaiian archipelago, but rarely has he seen an atmosphere in baseball as festive as that which reigns at the Stadium Canac during Capital games. Only the flower necklaces are missing! 

Paiva, 25, will be the starter for the Quebec team on Saturday for the second game of the short 2 of 3 series between the Capitals and the Ottawa Titans. He intends to feed on the energy coming from the stands to lead his team to victory. and you can feel the energy in the stadium, described the American. When I was in college, there were these games in Lafayette, Louisiana, where the atmosphere was heated, but then I was in the visiting club. It was less pleasant for our team.”

The former Loyola Marymount University, California, is now on the right side in Quebec. The one who also gravitated in 2019 in the organization of the Miami Marlins, at the rookie level, has the duty to win against the Titans to make the spectators dance.

“Codie is a competitor who throws a ton of catches and his big throw is his shift, described manager Patrick Scalabrini, confidently. This shot is one of the major leagues.”

An Averted Trip

On Friday, as the Capitals kicked off the series in Ottawa, Paiva stayed at his apartment in Stoneham to rest and avoid travel. However, he planned to watch his teammates at work, in the evening, on the web.

“Watching the game, it can allow you to see things about the opposing hitters that I did not analyze during the season,” said the right-handed gunner.

Still, the Titans hitters seemed to have few secrets from Paiva last Saturday in an 8-1 regular season win. The pitcher gave up just three hits in seven innings and had seven strikeouts.

“I know how to play them, but in baseball it's different from day to day. the other, put Paiva into perspective. I don't think this recent game necessarily gives me a big advantage. I know I can pull them off, but game after game you have to be able to execute.”

Leading the troops

Former captain of his team when he attended high school on the island of Honolulu, Codie Keolananimauloa Paiva, his full name, knows very well the importance of this second playoff game for the Capitals.

His leadership, he then hopes to demonstrate it by the way he behaves, Saturday evening, on the mound of Stade Canac.

“I like being a leader among the pitching staff, but it happens mainly depends on the way I play,” he agreed.