CAQ wave: Anjou-Louis-Riel turns blue

Caquist wave: Anjou-Louis-Riel turns blue


A liberal castle since 1998, Anjou-Louis-Riel passes into the hands of the Coalition Avenir Québec, which seizes a second territory in the east of Montreal with Pointe-aux-trembles, obtained earlier in the evening.

After an “endless” wait, the CAQ candidate and the activists let their joy explode in their premises in Anjou when the final results were announced, which arrived around three o'clock. morning.

“It will be an honor to represent the citizens of Anjou-Louis-Riel over the next four years,” declared Karine Boivin Roy to the Journalafter the official victory. We went through all the emotions tonight. It's crazy to see about forty activists still with me at 3am!”

Caquist wave: Anjou-Louis-Riel turns blue

Caquist wave: Anjou-Louis-Riel turns blue

Until late in the night, the outcome of the vote remained unknown, and the fight was extremely tight between the CAQ and the Liberal Party of Quebec. It was finally Karine Boivin Roy who won with a lead of 1,332 votes over her Liberal rival Chantal Gagnon.

The CAQ clings to the east

With this victory, the CAQ achieves a new breakthrough in the east end of Montreal, which may come to console the loss of Camille-Laurin, which occurred earlier in the evening. As in 2018, François Legault's party obtains only two constituencies in the metropolis, the two being once again located in the east of the island.

“François Legault reiterated throughout the campaign his desire to develop the east end of Montreal,” said Karine Boivin Roy. We are going to make a very good team with Chantal Rouleau (elected from the CAQ in Pointe-aux-Trembles). »

At the end of the suspense

Before the final outcome, liberals and caquistes carefully scrutinized the evolution of the results. Although initially confident, the CAQ activists began to worry around 9 p.m., seeing the liberal rival pass them by.

A few meters away, at the metropolitan golf course of Anjou, where the Liberal activists had gathered, the atmosphere was quite different, and even became more and more festive as Chantal Gagnon's lead was confirmed.

“We won, it's good. I'm going home, we'll celebrate tomorrow! could be heard during a conversation between activists around one o'clock in the morning, when most of them had resigned themselves to obtaining the final results the next day.

“It would be a disappointment if I lost, said Chantal Gagnon at the time. I will be disappointed for the citizens. »

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A Liberal stronghold is collapsing

Before falling into the hands of the CAQ, Anjou-Louis-Riel had been held continuously by the PLQ since 1998. Chantal Gagnon had a heavy task to succeed Lise Thériault, elected since 2002 in the constituency. The former Deputy Premier of Quebec had decided not to run again, announcing in August 2021 her retirement from political life.

Former leader of the Montreal Official Opposition, Karine Boivin Roy Three priorities are set for the next four years: security, lower inflation and health.

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