Cardi Bi spoke about how he became a victim of harassment

In the network appeared an excerpt from the new edition of the program Untold Stories of Hip Hop, the main character of which was the 26-year-old KARDi Bi. In the video announcing the interview, the hip-hop singer talks about how he became a victim of sexual harassment during one of the shoots. While KARDi Bi not call log, the name of the owner and the photographer, but still revealed the details of that unfortunate incident.

Карди Би рассказала о том, как стала жертвой домогательств

I will never forget as it was shot for this magazine. At some point, a photographer approached me saying, “Huh? You want to go to our magazine?”. And then he pulled out his cock. I was super pissed and thought it was crazy. Before leaving the shoot, I sent it,

— remember KARDi Bi.

The star said that immediately told the owner of the magazine about the case, but received a rather unexpected reaction. The chief editor did not see anything criminal in what happened, and this, according to Cardi B., — the most terrible in this story.

The movement #MeToo is a girl that I know. They have gone through the same humiliation. This is really happening every day

— spoken by the hip hop singer about the movement #MeToo, which is against violence and sexual harassment.

We will remind that earlier in 2018 (a few months after the scandal with Harvey Weinstein) KARDi Bi mentioned this episode of his life, however, was not so outspoken, because I was sure that people will condemn her.