“Cardiff” accuses “Nantes” complicity in manslaughter emiliano Sala

"Кардифф" обвиняет "Нант" в соучастии в непредумышленном убийстве Эмилиано Салы

Emiliano Sala

“Cardiff city” accuses “Nantes” manslaughter Argentine footballer emiliano Sala, who died a year ago in a plane crash in the sky over the English channel, according to L’equipe.

The Welsh club drew attention to some “anxious moments” associated with the transfer of Sala, and wants them investigated by a French court.

In particular, “Cardiff” indicates that “Nantes” used the so-called “unlicensed and illegal intermediaries” for the carriage of Sala in Wales at the crashed plane.

The charge and the persons who led the deal for the Fat that they’re hiding the agents ‘ Commission and did not have Agency license.

Recall, 21 January 2019 Sala died in a plane crash during a flight from Nantes to Cardiff after his transfer. The pilot of a light aircraft requested an emergency landing, but soon the aircraft disappeared from radar screens.

During the search operation at the bottom was discovered the wreckage with the body of the Sala. The body of the pilot was found.

After the tragedy, the club had financial disputes.

Cardiff insists that Bacon was not a team player and refuses to pay “Nantes” 15 million pounds. The French club claims the opposite.

Now the Welsh club provided new documents on the case who must deal with the French court.