Cardiologist: “cleaning of vessels does not exist, it’s quackery!”

35-40 years many people have formed certain problems with the cardiovascular system. All because of an unhealthy lifestyle, frequent exposure to stress. However, to say that you can get rid of atherosclerosis, “clean vessels” is not necessary. Cardiologist advises to ignore such “doctors” — only lose your money.

Кардиолог: «чистки сосудов не существует, это шарлатанство!»

Specialist Sergey Fighters explained that medications from atherosclerosis no. First line fight — early prevention, it will slow down degenerative processes. The second method of so-called drugs-statins, which make the plaque thicker, due to this it is slightly reduced in size but still does not disappear completely.

“In General, “cleaning receptacles” — everyday slang. We have twenty years of living in the world of evidence-based medicine. And the drugs that supposedly “clean” vessels, do not have evidence. Serious science is now generally not engaged in such “cleansing”. Was at the time of the so-called chelation therapy, aimed at dissolving cholesterol plaques. But it completely discredited itself”. explains the cardiologist.

He also added that the incurability of atherosclerosis, despite all the advances in medicine should encourage people to think from a young age about their lifestyle, about how it affects their heart and blood vessels.

5 prevention

1. To follow waist size — not more than 102 cm for men and 88 cm for women.
2. To follow the diet, do not abuse the salt.
3. To give up Smoking.
4. To give up alcohol.
5. To be physically active.