Cardiologist: oral contraceptives increases the risk of heart attack

50 years ago the heart attack was considered a “male disease.” Men were subject to constant stress, processed, smoked a lot and often drank hard liquor. Today, the line between the sexes are erased, and women as men die from a heart attack. Cardiologist talks about “female” diseases of the heart, and warns of the dangers of oral contraceptives.

Кардиолог: прием оральных контрацептивов увеличивает риск инфаркта

Cardiomyopathy Takotsubo

Cardiomyopathy Takotsubo found mostly in women, is a dangerous condition that develops on the background of the enormous stress and large emission in blood of adrenaline and noradrenaline. It is also called broken heart syndrome. Unlike a heart attack (although often confusing) condition is reversible, provided the ambulance.

Syndrome X

Heart disease, which occurs in women before menopause. It lies in the fact that the vessels no longer expand during exercise, without causing the heart needs oxygen.

“Female” electrocardiogram

The electrocardiogram shows the presence of coronary disease, although in fact it is not diagnosed. This makes it difficult to diagnose the condition.

The danger of oral contraceptives

In addition to Smoking, alcohol and stress, there are still pure women’s risk – oral contraceptives.

“If you are using combined oral contraceptives, to discuss in detail with your gynecologist the best tool. For today the most safe in respect of the risk development of arterial thrombosis are preparations containing not more than 30 µg of estrogen and synthetic progestogen levonorgestrel”. says cardiologist Irina Day.