Cardiologist: tomatoes can ruin your health

Well-known Western cardiologist Steven Handrich argues in his book “the Paradox of plants” that eating tomatoes may adversely affect human health. According to scientists, tomatoes are able to cause destruction of the cells of the body.

Кардиолог: помидоры могут разрушить здоровье

We used to hear that eating tomatoes has a positive effect on the human body and serves as a prevention of cancer. It is known that tomatoes contain a substance lycopene, which is not produced in the body and can only be obtained from external sources, usually from food. Lycopene is known for its ability to prevent the processes leading to the emergence of cancer.

Scientist-cardiologist Steven Handrich notes that in addition to lycopene tomatoes contain lectins – a kind of proteins that are produced by plants to protect from pests. Tomatoes are dangerous to humans because of lectins, says the researcher.

According to him, getting into the human body, these substances activate the mechanisms leading to inflammatory processes, is associated with the development of many dangerous diseases.

“Lectins attack the cells. They are able to destroy not only unwanted program in the cells, but also produce the destruction of perfectly healthy,” says the researcher.

Steven Handrich argues that for this reason the consumption of tomatoes may lead to diminished brain activity, appearance of a skin rash, chronic fatigue syndrome, alopecia. He is convinced that from the tomatoes should be abandoned.