Cardiologists explained, as the sun saved from a heart attack

Blind rodents have not received benefits from lighting that suggests that the key role plays the possibility of visual perception

In the dark winter months the number of heart attacks increases. It turned out that sunlight, both the duration and the intensity associated with the health of the cardiovascular system.

Кардиологи пояснили, как солнце спасает от инфаркта

To such conclusion the Professor of anesthesiology University of Colorado Tobias EKL. He conducted experiments on rodents. It turned out that strong lighting within a week significantly increased protection from cardiovascular disease. While additional experiments showed that weekly exposure to bright light resulted in significant reduction of cardiac tissue damage after an induced heart attack.

The scientist says that the sun light affects gene PER2 (controls circadian rhythms). Activation of the gene by light provides strengthen blood vessels and protect heart tissue from ischemia. In addition, sunlight increases the level of adenosine, a substance that plays a role in the regulation of cardiac rhythm.

Scientists conducted experiments on humans. Sunlight and people have activated the PER2-dependent metabolism. The study participants had decreased blood triglyceride and insulin sensitivity and metabolism, on the contrary, increased.