Cardiologists warned about the hidden signs of heart attack

Myocardial infarction does not always go with distinct symptoms.

Кардиологи предупредили о скрытых признаках инфаркта

Scientists of the National Institute of health new York published an article about the atypical forms of myocardial infarction. The symptoms of these heart attacks are so minor that the violation is “hidden”.

A survey of 1800 people over the age of 45, not doubting in good health of your heart, showed that almost 8% of subjects had scarring on the heart muscle, which is not even suspected. It was found that in half of these cases, people had a hidden heart attack.

In fact, these participants were faced with symptoms of a heart attack, but mistook them for another disorder. In particular, they observed nausea or vomiting, severe fatigue and shortness of breath, pain in the jaw, neck.

“Atypical forms of heart attack pain can be in different places, not only in heart, because sometimes the symptoms do not allow to determine the exact nature of the attack. Or pain may not be at all, then death can be immediate,” said the experts.

In their opinion, people over 40 with relatives with heart disease and people over 50 years of age with obesity, hypertension and diabetes as well as smokers to avoid hidden infarction can be only one way – regular nabludal the therapist and cardiologist.

According to the study, about 70% of patients who died after myocardial infarction, have had to attack the scarring in the heart muscle. In addition to the above signs atypical heart attack can manifest with abdominal symptoms, which has signs of gastrointestinal disease.