Caribou protection: Action boréale denounces the inertia of Quebec

Caribou protection: Action bo&réale denounces Quebec’s inertia


The environmental organization Action boréale says it is disappointed by the inertia of Quebec in the absence of a strategy to protect the woodland caribou.  

The issue of caribou habitat protection that must go through a dry halt to logging had recently provoked a controversy over jurisdiction between Quebec and Ottawa.

The caribou population in Val-d'Or continues to dwindle, while of the 50 animals counted in 1984, only nine remain, according to Action boréale, which called on the Prime Minister François Legault in an open letter. 

“The first condition for ensuring the maintenance of woodland caribou is to guarantee them holy peace, that is to say, to leave their territory in the wild and to close the access roads,” wrote Action. boreal in its open letter.

In the case of Val-d'Or, the organization considers a protection perimeter of 40 x 50 km necessary, which would cover 5% of the forest area of ​​the Abitibi-Témiscamingue, and accuses the government of procrastinating in providing this “minimal protection”. 

Action boréale accuses the forest industry whose activity risks leading to the extinction of this emblematic species which has been grazing for 10,000 years, while the enclosure of caribou is not a viable solution. 

“When the forest industry decides that the forest-dwelling caribou in Quebec may well disappear if it harms its interests, the government takes note”, denounced the president and vice-president of the organization, Henri Jacob and Richard Desjardins.

The independent commission set up by the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, Pierre Dufour, is a way of buying time for the government, while waiting for the general elections in next October. 

“The commission collects opinions and briefs, but, in a slightly less transparent way, it organizes private meetings with major corporate players whose testimonies will remain secret, despite public funding of the operation,” lamented the organization .