Carole and Balan fueled rumors about his novel

Tina and Dan Balan smote the fans into the heart of sensual and soulful with room for the duet song “Home” which was performed during detatoko “mystical” ether project “dancing with the stars 2019”. The fans of the stars again, talking about the fact that they have chemistry and spark, and the artists only pogovorili interest in a series of romantic photos from the scene and not only. Dan and Tina exchanged a kind of photopolymer Instagram, but the singer still decided to leave for the Ukrainian pop diva a mysterious message.

Кароль и Балан подогрели слухи о своем романе

Tina posted on the page of a whole string of spectacular shots where posed in the form of a blonde angel with wide wings. She changed for the evening, two looks – both white, is stressing a star shape. Among the photographs there were many joint shots with Dan that evening reincarnated as a descendant of Dracula – that he put his arm around the singer’s shoulders and hid behind her wing firmly holds the hand, looks in focus and smiling, doing his verse of the song.

The singer also could not resist and showed a joint photo with Tina. And some of them published in stories. On one of the photos Dan walks with Tina’s hand on stage, the other firmly holding her , while the singer laughs, head thrown back.

Dan chose to sign frames with words from the theme song to the musical “the phantom of the Opera”, and in English.

“Sing once again with me. Our strange duet Phantom of the Opera is here… in my mind….” — left a mysterious message of the artist.

The fans were thrilled from the romantic pictures Tina and Dana. They began to extort from the stars, what they actually connects feelings or creativity? Words of admiration and compliments rained down on artists from the horn of plenty.

  • So beautiful with Dan, well, just lovely sight! And the Duo came out unreal, so much tenderness, emotion, just beyond
  • Gorgeous…. You and this lovely couple!
  • Very beautiful couple! Yin and Yang!
  • It is impossible beautiful!
  • It was crasto… the air was magic and love
  • What are you cool, Hollywood, the beautiful couple is not real, you are made to be together

Dan responded to the warm wishes and opinions of the fans: “Thank you, dear, for the wonderful words and emotions. When the magic happens… It’s beyond my control”.