Cash dollar started the week with declines

Наличный доллар начал неделю со снижения

Photo: Корреспондент.net

The weak hryvnia strengthened against the dollar but falling to the Euro

The American currency rose in price almost for two weeks, but started to decline last Friday. The trend continued in the beginning of the week.

The dollar exchange rate in exchange offices of the Kiev banks continues to fall in price after the weekend, according to данные

So, on Monday, 27 July, the selling rate of cash dollar fell by 3 kopecks to 27.94 UAH/USD, buying rate by 2 cents to of 27.65 UAH/USD.

The average rate of buying the Euro rose by 10 cents to 31.84 UAH/EUR, the selling rate by 18 cents to of 32.55 UAH/EUR.

We will note, last week the dollar exchange rate exceeded 28 hryvnia, but at the end of nodelist stopped.

The national Bank for the first time in two weeks, ukrainicus hryvnia on 27 Iuliana 12 cents to 27.75 per dollar.